About the Mosaic Abstract Series

The three colorful paintings that I call "Mosaic Abstracts" were created for a public art project sponsored by the McColl Center For Visual Art in Charlotte, NC. The Sixth Street Windows Project involved two large display windows on the Sixth Street side of the Hearst Tower. The display had to be changed, rotated, or otherwise altered three times over a period of six months, from January to July, 2008. I went back to some old design files from my days as a freelancer and found one based on an ancient mosaic. After zooming in on the details, some very interesting abstract forms and compositions were revealed and translated into the three acrylic panels in the series.

What I liked was the fact that any way they are hung, they still "work", so I titled my exhibit "Standing Art on Its Head". The paintings were turned upside down and recombined to give three different exhibits over the time period. When I brought them home, I discovered that horizontally hung they made an impressive (and large) display, as well as looking good vertically together. And, each could be shown vertically or horizontally alone, upside down or right side up (whatever), and still work well. Not wanting to prejudice whoever winds up with them, each panel was signed on the back, so the future owner would have a truly versatile work of art!

The series is FOR SALE now: each one is $2500.00. I will offer a substantial discount if you buy more than one. Shipping is FREE ; NC residents must pay NC sales tax. You may pay with PayPal. If you like, we can set up a payment plan. Contact me through my website for information.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Paintings: Up, Down, and Sideways!

Below are some of the possible combinations and orientations for these versatile works. If you want to see others, send me your ideas!

Mosaic Abstract Series: #1, #3, #2 ( This is one way to combine all three!) The works are acrylic on panel, 45" H x 32"W, and are framed in narrow black metal. They make quite a dramatic and colorful display, approximately 9 feet across with spacing.

Mosaic Abstract Series: #1 & #2 (together these are nearly six feet across)

Mosaic Abstract Series: #2 & #3 (horizontally this arrangement is almost 8 feet across)

Mosaic Abstract Series: #1 (upright?)

Mosaic Abstract Series: #1 (horizontal view)

Mosaic Abstract Series: #1 (horizontal view, flipped!)

Mosaic Abstract Series: #2 (horizontal)

Mosaic Abstract Series: #2

Mosaic Abstract Series: #3 (horizontal view)

Mosaic Abstract Series: #3

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